yellow brick {wall}



my scarf has tassels and pineapples on it… but its from last summer! but here is a similar one! this piko is something i honestly never travel without because it is so wearable anywhere you go! plus its white (aka goes with everyhing).

so these shoes are dupes for dupes and I love them! they’re really comfy as well, almost like walking on a cloud! the best thing is they give me like 4 inches, which I have a love/hate relationship with. My mom calls them my horseshoes though (har de har har).

another new find or well not a find but something I decided to try out was the invisibobble!! and omg!!!!!! they’re worth all the hype! like the thought of putting one in your hair is weird bc I know all y’all had teachers or moms who put their keys on these kind of things but they’re actually magical for curly haired peeps! it keeps my bun in place all day long even through running around with the child I babysit! its also is very anti-headache (if thats something that bothers you) and does not pull out too much hair (sometimes that is unavoidable).

hope you have a fab tuesday!


Meredith Leigh


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