dress | shoes (similar)

honestly someone should stop me because I am literally obsessed with She In. Like I just am riveted by the cheap prices & quality pieces. Plus I’ve come to the conclusion that I much prefer shopping online vs. in store. I get bored quite easily and honestly would rather shop solo from my bed (or from the front porch of the beach house as I currently am) than in the mediocre mall in my town.

So that being said, I probs will continue to buy from She In for the foreseeable future. I will warn y’all that some pieces are a hit like this dress and a few others, but sometimes the sizing is a little off or the tops are a tad short, so take every review and picture available into consideration before locking it down. Also the priority dispatching note is the BEST. The pieces come within days even compared to items without that note that have expedited shipping.

anywho this dress is so perfect for a summer wedding or any nice event you might need to attend.

hope you all are enjoying your week


Meredith Leigh


pretty in pink


top | pants | shoes | bag | earrings

hi y’all! I love this outfit and always get so many compliments on my shirt! its such a simple shirt that makes a huge statement! I also was so excited to find these earrings at my local francesca’s on sale!!! they matched perfectly with this shirt! also peep my straw bag again… I can’t get enough of it!

this next week I’m off on family beach vacation and I couldn’t be more excited! what are your plans for the upcoming week?


Meredith Leigh

fourth of july


purse | shoes | dress


some may say I look like a picnic blanket, but I LOVE this dress! Also the price point is unbeatable. also!!! this straw bag!!!!! its the cutest I’ve ever seen, and it was on sale! the navy detailing is perfect for this 4th of July!

however a little tip about this dress… its slightly wide? as in very puffy but a clothes pin at the back of the dress fixes that problem perfectly!

so have a great fourth, spend it with family, and have tons of fun in the sun!


Meredith Leigh

brick wall water fall + SheIn review!!


a couple weeks ago I made a split decision to make an order from SheIn! I was feeling very confident due to the great review Kate at LoneStar Southern left. All I did was pick out the pieces that caught my eye and opened them into their own tabs! After that I carefully read the measurements to be sure I would select the correct size and then I read the comments posted by other customers and viewed the style galleries! I only purchased items that had great reviews and pictures to prove the pieces were as they said they should be!! I then made sure I made the minimum purchase to receive the expedited shipping!! I will say I did not check to make sure there was a ‘priority dispatching’ next to the item as some other bloggers have suggested, and my clothes did take about a week to arrive even though I wasn’t even checking for that label!!

Overall I was very pleased with the items that I purchased and will 100% be purchasing again!

this site is so easy to use to buy pieces that may not be forever in trend and are at such a reasonable price! I’m slowly picking out items already for my next order 🙂


Meredith Leigh

yellow brick {wall}



my scarf has tassels and pineapples on it… but its from last summer! but here is a similar one! this piko is something i honestly never travel without because it is so wearable anywhere you go! plus its white (aka goes with everyhing).

so these shoes are dupes for dupes and I love them! they’re really comfy as well, almost like walking on a cloud! the best thing is they give me like 4 inches, which I have a love/hate relationship with. My mom calls them my horseshoes though (har de har har).

another new find or well not a find but something I decided to try out was the invisibobble!! and omg!!!!!! they’re worth all the hype! like the thought of putting one in your hair is weird bc I know all y’all had teachers or moms who put their keys on these kind of things but they’re actually magical for curly haired peeps! it keeps my bun in place all day long even through running around with the child I babysit! its also is very anti-headache (if thats something that bothers you) and does not pull out too much hair (sometimes that is unavoidable).

hope you have a fab tuesday!


Meredith Leigh


Okay so maybe this tank is more coral than peach but I’m currently not sure the difference between those colors! this tank is from my old fav- old navy! It’s such a cute tank and runs like $7! Ya can’t beat that.

It can be paired with these khakis here or shorts or white pants or anything really. That’s just how versatile it is!


Meredith Leigh


blue & pink


So not gonna lie… I would wear this shirt everyday if that was socially acceptable! It’s my absolute favorite and I always have to stop myself from throwing it on when I leave the house (just bc ya can’t outfit repeat too much)!

When this shirt is paired with these hot pink Chino Shorts… 😍 I seriously just can’t get enough! Such a cute & casual outfit!

Also: so this top I’m pretty sure was at one point maternity and not maternity(srsly the top I own does not have ‘maternity’ in the label) but is only available in maternity now (lol) and  ya know even if it is maternity… try it on bc yolo I live in this top! or if you’d like to ditch the embroidery try this one out!

only 1ish days until the weekend!!!!!


Meredith Leigh